Apr 2020

22nd April 2020 Event type: Business

Find out how we’re reclaiming the UK’s position as a space launch hardware and service provider


May 2020

02nd May 2020 London Event type: Community

2nd May is Monopoly Day! 

Bringing the familiar Monopoly game to life in the streets of London. A fun way to relive your childhood and a great way to meet new people and see a large portion of London all in just one day!

20th May 2020 Event type: Business

It is generally undisputed that the overwhelming majority of private-sector businesses in the world are SMEs and that they account for a very large share of world economic activity in both developed and developing countries. Small and medium enterprises make up 99% of businesses in the UK and they make a significant contribution to the UK economy. In fact, the contribution that SMEs will make across the top 10 UK cities, is forecast to hit £217 billion by 2020.

In this workshop we will look at the first steps a small business can take – looking at the 17 goals and identifying the top two or three that really resonate that can be used to engage staff and other stakeholders in discussions, to create buy-in from the beginning.

The size of an SME makes it easier to implement new principles, new ways of doing things, to measure impacts. And it’s possible that we may also see results quicker than in big corporate organisations.

Most SME’s would be surprised to realise how “good” they already are and how with a few tweaks they can be even better!

27th May 2020 Dublin Event type: Business

Gain knowledge and insights into Engagement, Employment, Empowerment. While doing this you will also have so many opportunities to network with like -minded people for business and personal growth, learn new skills, be inspired by amazing key note speakers and of course immerse yourself in the ‘craic agus ceol’ that makes Ireland, one of the most loved countries in the world!

Jun 2020

27th June 2020 Event type: Business

At Portsmouth University’s Future Innovation Centre. (PORTSMOUTH) This will be led by Neil Crofts and Mark Thompson.

Having worked with BP, Barclays, Shell, Microsoft, Sony, Facebook, Philip Morris, AstraZeneca and many more, their passion is all about Authentic Leadership in an age of constant change.

Session Details below

Session One: Megatrends and Leadership. How the need for different leadership responses are triggered by the ultra-change the Megatrends bring.

Session Two: Existential Emotional Threat – a layman’s workshop on the emotional challenges of resilience and optimism through constant change.

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