JCI Challenge: Drawing

JCI Challenge: Drawing

March 26, 2020 3:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In this post, I want to give you a small drawing challenge each day for a month! Feel free to share your drawings with the hashtag #JCIDrawingChallenge on social media and tag in JCI Portsmouth on Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Facebook so we can enjoy and share them too!

  1. Yourself at this point in time
  2. A scene or character from your favourite movie
  3. Something you’d like to eat
  4. A person who inspires you
  5. Something you might see from your window
  6. An animal
  7. A character or scene from your favourite book
  8. A fictional monster or something terrifying
  9. Something ridiculously brilliant
  10. Your favourite thing
  11. A significant event in your life
  12. Something you want to do before you die
  13. Your favourite beverage and snack
  14. Something random
  15. Your favourite animated character
  16. Something drawn in the single shade of a different colour
  17. A fantasy or sci-fi landscape
  18. Something you’re nostalgic about
  19. Something drawn in no more than three colours
  20. Your favourite time-waster
  21. Something drawn from really far away or high above
  22. Your favourite fairytale
  23. A figure doing something active
  24. A historically famous couple or a scene from history
  25. A landscape with a lot of architecture
  26. Something amazing or awful about your life
  27. A person that you love or hate
  28. Your preferred or most hated mode of transport
  29. Yourself in costume or persona
  30. Your favourite comic book character.
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