Voluntary Roles - Get Involved

We are looking for enthusiastic people to help us run the chamber.

Are you looking to improve your skills or perhaps take on a new challenge?  A JCI Portsmouth role could be for you.

We have the following roles available.  If you're interested, please contact our National Board, who can put you in touch with Portsmouth's   Regional contact, who will be in touch. 

We can adapt a role to suit you -- get in touch and get involved!    Your CV will look amazing with the skills you can learn.

Role Description Benefit to you
Marketing Director JCI is run by its members for its members.   We need more enthusiastic people who want to meet new people and learn new skills. 

  • Develop marketing material and a marketing strategy for JCI Portsmouth
  • Develop a social media marketing strategy through the use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Attract new "active" members to the chamber
  • Promote JCI Portsmouth in the local press and boost our presence in Portsmouth
  • Social media skills; improve your understanding
  • Communication skills; learn how to get your point across
  • Marketing skills; learn how to build a successful marketing campaign
  • Networking skills; meet new people and get them involved
  • Improve your contacts
Training and Personal Development Director JCI Portsmouth runs monthly training events and we need someone to help build the training calendar in 2014:

  • Ask members what type of training events they want and seek opportunites to provide it throughout the year
  • Build the training calendar of events for the year
  • Find local trainers to deliver training sessions to JCI Portsmouth
  • Communication and negotiation skills; engege with new people and get them on board
  • Project management skills; organise and run events
  • Training skills; why not do some training yourself?
Community Director Whether it's giving up our time, fund raising or collecting food donations, JCI is proud to help out in the Portsmouth community.

  • Find opportunities within the local community for JCI Portsmouth
  • Organise and lead community events in and around Portsmouth
  • Help build JCI Portsmouth's profile in the community
  • Meet new people; build your professional network
  • Leadership skills; organise events, work with JCI members to help out
  • Project management skills; learn how to run community projects
Social Director JCI is all about building long-lasting friendships and we love having lots of social events in and around Portsmouth.

  • Organise a calendar of fun monthly social events for JCI members
  • Sell the events to JCI members through social media
  • Organisation and leadership skills
  • Social media skills; improve your understanding
  • Great for the party-goer -- we want really fun and varied events!
Website Manager The JCI Portsmouth website is our marketing tool and we need it to be continually updated with new and exciting content.

  • Add new exicting content; pictures, video, blogs
  • Add events to the website
  • Send out emails to members using MailChimp
  • Add events to Eventbrite, Meetups, Facebook
  • Website skills; learn how to update a website
  • Social media skills; Facebook, Meetups, Eventbrite, LinkedIn from a business perspective
  • Create professional-looking emails
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills
Membership Director JCI is run by its members for its members.  In order for JCI Portsmouth to grow and continue to attract new and young professionals, we're looking for someone who wants to help attract new members and track their progress throughout their JCI career.

  • Attrract new members through innovative ideas via marketing or social media channels
  • Manage the JCI Portsmouth membership
  • Report membership numbers to the president and JCI council
  • Perfect role for someone who is bubbly and out-going and likes talking to people
  • Meet new people; build your professional network
  • Negotiation skills; learn how sell the benefits of JCI membership
  • Commuication skills; lots of talking to new and existing members
  • Project management skills; put a plan together on how you want to attract new members and go with it
Deputy President At JCI Portsmouth, you have "one year to lead" as the president of the chamber.  We are looking for someone who wants the challenge to be president of JCI Portsmouth in 2015:

  • Support the president throughtout the year
  • Help with planning events for the year
  • Help the president encourage members to attend regional, national and international JCI events (which are always a blast!)
  • Plan for your year and what you'd like to achieve as the president of JCI Portsmouth
  • A fantastic opportunity to show your management, leadership and communication skills -- even better on your CV
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to see the larger picture
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to motivate others and get people on board
  • Management skills
  • Build a national and international network
  • Ability to set priorities