Local projects in Portsmouth

Public Speaking Courses

Whether it's a sales pitch, a presentation to colleagues or even your best man speech at a Wedding, at some point in our lives we are all called upon to talk in public. Whether it's to a room of 5 people or a room filled with 100 people, public speaking ranks as one of our highest fears and the thought of speaking publically can send our stress levels through the roof.

Events » Training courses » JCI Public Speaking 2.jpgFear is normally derived from the unknown, so the more we practise our public speaking skills, the less we will fear speaking and presenting to other people.

But where and when do you get the opportunity to practise your public speaking skills and gain valuable feedback to help improve your speaking abilities?

At JCI Portsmouth we know the importance of having the opportunity to build your public speaking skills in a fun and safe environment - where you get support and feedback from others with no need for embarrassment.

JCI Portsmouth has launched a Public Speaking course - Basic, Intermediate and Expert Public Speaking.  Now you can improve your skills and become a completely calm, professional and expert speaker.

The valuable skills you will learn through our courses, will better prepare you for any personal or professional public speaking situation you may find yourself in, plus it will look great on you C.V.

To see when our next public speaking course starts, check out our events calendar.

Nothing but Nets

Banners » JCI P Malaria Kills Send a Net Save a Life.jpgMost of us always like to help those less fortunate than us and at JCI helping those in our local and global community is a cornerstone of the JCI organisation.

This year, JCI Portsmouth is proud to be doing its bit for the ‘Nothing but Net's charity. This amazing charity raises money to purchase and distribute malaria nets to the world's poorest countries.

With every net, a life can be saved from this deadly disease.

Join us on Wednesday 25 April for World Malaria Day, when JCI Portsmoith will be hitting the streets of Portsmouth selling wrist bands to raise awareness about Malaria and funds for the Nothing but Nets Charity.