Community work is an important element of JCI. It's not just about fundraising, we're giving something back.  By combining this work with other themes such as business and training, our members learn valuable new skills.Blog » jcirfl003.JPG

The community spirit doesn’t stop at a local level; many national and international projects take place each year. JCI is an official partner of the United Nations and supports the UN Millennium Development Goals.

We volunteer our time to help local projects, raise vital cash for local and international charities and meet new people all the time.  Get involved.

In July, a number of JCI Portsmouth members volunteered their time to marshall (anr prticipate in) the Portsmouth Race for Life event in Southsea:

And Natasha took part in a charity abseil to raise funds for The Rainbow Centre charity:

Other community events run by JCI include:

  • Secret Santa Appeal. Many local chambers run this as an annual project. The appeal gathers Christmas gifts for under-privileged local children. 
  • The Enterprise Project. This combines business skills with fundraising. Local chambers compete against each other over a five-month period to make a profit for the JCI UK charity, The Prince’s Trust.
  • Changing Rooms. Many local chambers have arranged hands-on projects such as painting a local hospital or school over a weekend.
  • Tree Planting. One chamber created a local civic garden by raising funds and planting trees in a disused area.