A worldwide network of young active people

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a voluntary, world-wide personal development organisation for young professionals and entrepreneurs in their twenties and thirties. The mission of JCI is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Events » Training courses » JCI Inspiration Day 28 Jan 2012 - Small - 3.jpgActive participation in JCI provides members with the opportunities to:

  • Enhance their career prospects & add new skills to their CV
  • Develop their leadership ability
  • Expand their professional and social contacts locally and across the globe
  • Increase their self-confidence
  • Gain practical project management experience in a safe and supportive environment

By organising events and taking part in projects during their free time, JCI members (affectionately referred to as Jaycees) develop leadership skills and make a positive contribution to their local community. The overwhelming characteristics of Jaycees are their energy, creativity and determination to develop themselves whilst having a lot of fun.

What makes JCI stand out against other personal development and networking organisations is that it does not just focus on just one area of opportunity - we have five:

  • Business
  • Training
  • International
  • Community
  • Social

Events » Training courses » JCI Inspiration Day 28 Jan 2012 - Small - 2.jpgWe're not a networking organisation....but through us you'll build a network of ambitious future leaders and friends that will last you a lifetime.

We're not a public speaking organisation....but through us you'll get training in public speaking and presentations and the opportunity to practice in front of a variety of audiences locally, nationally and internationally.

We're not a CPD organisation...but through us you'll get professional and personal development cheaper than with any other comparative organisation.

We're not a charity...but through us you can take part in projects which make a positive impact in the local community.

Past Presidents of JCI Portsmouth include Maureen Frost, CEO Portsmouth and South East Chamber of Commerce.

JCI Portsmouth is now in its sixth decade and has gone through a transformation in the last few years, so now is the best time ever to get involved and start your JCI story.

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